Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Books
Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Books

Empowering Titles by Dr. Carballo-Perelman

Calling All Women: From Glass Slipper to Glass Ceiling


Why haven't women achieved equality? Why do men outnumber women in positions of power? How can we create a new world for future generations?


This female empowering book begins with a history of women's "underempowerment," equality of the sexes, and the reason that men still dominate the world. Dr. Carballo-Perelman relates an "original fairytale nightmare"- an allegory for the status of women, delineating the story's similarities to today's headline news. She then retells classic fairytales from the point of view of an empowered woman. The book ends in Christina Carballo-Perelman's ideal future, written as a modern fairytale.


Dr. Carballo-Perelman empowers women with practical tips, encouragement, and a motivation to move upward and break throught the glass ceiling!

Calling All Women From: From B*tches to Witches


The rhyming companion to Calling All Women: From Glass Slipper to Glass Ceiling, because everything is better when it rhymes.


Using Calling All Women as a guide, Cristina Carballo-Perelman writes about the eleven attributes that empower the modern empowered woman. This rhyming book is geared towards teenagers, but is a fun read for woman of all ages.


The simple rhymes help anyone reading the book remember the eleven attributes and the importance of each.

Fired: Challenging the Status Quo and the Aftermath


Follow along Cristina's journey through the trauma of being fired—the reasons for it, the steps to recovery, and transformation into a new career.


Today's work environment has many people living in fear, they're grateful to have work under anyworking condition and any pay-rate. This is something that must change, and Dr. Carballo-Perelman's story is one that provides inspiration for change!


Part 1: How to survive as an employee in a corporation.

Part 2: Creating a positive work environment.

Part 3: Trauma of being fired—evaluating options and take advantage of them.

Shut the F*ck Up or Else You'll Get Fired


The humorous complimentary rhyming book to Fired: Challening the Status Quo and the Aftermath.


There's humor in every situation, you just need to find it. This book pokes fun at workplace conditions, while sending a message of hope to anyone that happens to find themselves in a similar situation. No matter the experience you've had, there are better, more socially responsible companies out there!


Titles on Loss by Dr. Carballo-Perelman

Hush Dear Soul, Your Time is Near: A Lullaby for the Soul


This rhyming book is written for individuals of all ages as they reach their final days, in a times when you may not be able to find the right words to say yourself.


Working as a medical professional Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D. has been with patients during their final hours. She has seen when the patient and familes go through during this time, and the fear those families face. Dr. Carballo-Perelman's comforting words trancend religious beliefs, she wanted each person involved to feel the peace, loving, and kindness that only the Universe can provide during these difficult times.


For all those left with sorrow after a loss, keep an eye out for Dr. Carballo-Perelman's accompanying book titled The Caretaker of All Soulds: An Intimate Interview with Death.

The Caretaker of All Souls: An Intimate Interview with Death


In her book, The Caretaker of All Souls: An Intimate Interview with Death, Death takes center stage as the commentator of the experiences that she, as a physician, has had with Death throughout her career.


The persona of Death is examined as is the role it plays as caretaker of the Soul.

This book offers a powerful message that Death brings love and compassion to the Soul as it travels to it's next destination.

The questions asked of Death and Death’s answers explore many topics, including how Death has been viewed throughout history and by different religions. The questions also explore sensitive topics. These include but are not limited to: how Death deals with the Souls of those who have committed suicide, died by means of euthanasia or succumbed to dementia. The death of pets and all living things is also discussed by Death.


This book is meant to finally showcase Death, not as a villain, but as a partner with the Higher Source, full of light and love. It is meant to bring hope to those who are grieving and those who are fearful of the last journey of this life.

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