Female Career Equality
Female Career Equality

Cristina Carballo-Perelman M.D.

Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D., has been a subspecialty physician for almost 30 years. She has seen how society devalues women, both at home and in the workplace by continually placing more value of women’s beauty over brains. She and her coworkers have experienced this inequality and unfair treatment of women in the professional setting over the years.


Dr. Carballo-Perelman’s passion and motivation to write her female empowering books derives from wanting to help women who have experienced similar situations. She provides hope that if they search for companies with ethics and integrity, they will indeed be re-hired.


Her aim is to empower women, not make them into "little men." By doing so, she hopes to accelerate the overall equality of the sexes in all areas of life!


Her other passions include employee rights and corporate social responsability. She has first-hand experience concerning these topics as she was fired for " challenging the status-quo" at work. She realized to late the cost of working for a coprporation without a "soul". These experiences have allowed her to help others navigate the workforce and become empowered as employees with rights.


Finally, as a physician, she has delat with many issues concerning death, including the right to assist death "with dignity". Her "intimate interview" with Death itself, puts a unique spin to the topic.


There has been much accolades concerning all her books and the help they bring to those who read them.


Her hope is to continue to help others live empowered, joyful lives and enjoy this journey called life!


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